Sense Of Quality

For İMER quality is indispensable in life

Having this sense İMER, realized a first in the sector and received TSE-ISO- EN 9000 quality certificate in 1997. Having  EN ISO 9001:2008 TÜV NORD  certificate, the company is providing service in accordance with these standards.

The sense of quality of   İMER has been based on these three notions ;mutual confidence, information and superiority of law  these basic notions are not only important of the company but they also change the life concept of its employees.

İMER sees itself as the foreign trade department of the companies that it provides services. The relations of İMER with its customer are for long term. Long term relations are based on CONFIDENCE.

İMER is aware of the importance of information; it reproduces and shares its information that is required for the business activities. One of the values foreground  İMER is this accumulation INFORMATION.

İMER knows that everyone is equal in front of law, therefore it protects its own and the right of its customers within the rules of LAW.
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