Our Business Principle

Customs consultancy is a business activity. The responsibilities and powers of authorized personnel in this business are defined in accordance with the Law 4458. This business requires a complete trust. Customs consultants work as the representatives of foreign trade companies and they are under the responsibility of the terms stated within the relevant legislation.

Customs consultancy is a business activity for people who are already acquired a foreign language education as defined by customs law numbered 4458 in our country and completed their intern periods and obtained a "certificate of customs consultancy". Customs consultants protect the rights and actions of the companies under their service and are required to serve in accordance with the current laws and regulations. Customs consultants are severally liable for their actions in terms of their business relations in which they represent.

As IMER, our team involves 3 customs consultants, 18 deputy customs consultants, 30 customs operation representatives and 10 finance and administrative personnel.

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